The Commons

The Commons area was originally a tidal marsh, which protected the south wall of the town.  In the 19th century it became the centre for many of the less attractive trades of the town.  These included tanneries, a slaughter house, gas works and an iron foundry.  With the improvement of the area some of the old buildings have found new uses with the foundry now a Community Centre, the Tannery a Youth Club and the slaughter-house incorporated into the Information Centre and Library.

Across the way is an area of Pembroke known as Orange Gardens, a 19th century suburb built to accommodate the great influx of workers for the Royal Dockyard, Pembroke Dock, founded 1814.

Look to your right to see the back of The York and the Medieval Chapel referred to at POINT 5


Cross over to the footpath and bear left to follow the main Town Trail along the best surviving section of the TOWN WALLS.


Turn right along the Commons to Point 24 via the INFORMATION CENTRE AND LIBRARY (Toilets) Opposite the TIC is a children’s playground.