St Michael’s Church & Square

St Michael’s was originally a Norman church, largely rebuilt in 1835 and again in 1887.  It closed in 2013.  In front of the church,  Pembroke Civic Trust has placed a wooden seat dedicated to John Poyer, Mayor of Pembroke, during the Civil Wars 1642-48.

Ahead of you is the magnificent former WESLEY CHAPEL built in Italianate style by followers of preacher John Wesley who made many visits to Pembroke.  The Chapel is now an Antiques Centre so you can enter to view the interior.

You now have your first choice of route. You can either :-

Proceed along the Main Trail to Point 10


Turn back and proceed to Point 17 for an alternative route along Pembroke Millponds.

St Michaels Square c1900
Pembroke East End c1950
St Michael's Square c1950
Pembroke Michaelmas Fair c1910