Orielton Terrace

Across the road, Orielton Terrace is a narrow side road above street level, along which stands an attractive row of houses.  One of the large houses in the centre of this terrace is ORIELTON HOUSE, said to be the town house of the Owens of Orielton who once owned much of Pembroke and represented the borough in Parliament.  Orielton Terrace is also known as the CHAIN BACK.

At road level there is an early mile post and one of the town’s original water taps.

To your right, the building with the bay window is the former YORK TAVERN, one of the oldest pubs in the town but now a private dwelling.  At its rear is a stone building known as the Medieval Chapel, once used as a Wesleyan meeting house where the great John Wesley himself once preached.  Cromwell is also reputed to have stayed here for a few days following the Siege of Pembroke, overseeing the last details of the surrender.  This building can clearly be seen when you reach Point 12.