East End Square

East End Square is the site of the town’s former East Gate, sited where the ROYAL OAK public house now stands.

It was the strongest of the gates described by John Leland in 1538 as the ‘fairest and strongeth, having afore it a compasid tower not rofid in, and entering thereof is a Portcolys ex solide ferro’.

It would have been similar to Tenby’s Five Arches but Pembroke’s gate was destroyed on the orders of Oliver Cromwell in 1648 following the Siege of Pembroke.

Points of interest: ST. MICHAEL’S HALL and EAST END SCHOOL. Founded in 1873, this fine Victorian school built of dressed limestone now stands empty. It was replaced by the modern Golden Grove Primary School a short distance away.

Further along is PEMBROKE RAILWAY STATION.  The Pembroke and Tenby Railway Company built the line which opened in 1863 and extended it to Pembroke Dock the following year.   Sadly, the old Victorian Railway buildings were demolished.

Bear left and cross the road at the pelican crossing and proceed to POINT 17 BLACK HORSE WALK